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Meltblown Non-kpara Fabric breathable Film echebe Uwe Equipment

>lọ>ngwaahịa>Meltblown Non-kpara Fabric breathable Film echebe Uwe Equipment

TPU Waterproof breathable Nkedo Film Production Line

akwụkwọ: EC ISO
Packaging Details:Osisi Pallet
Oge Mbuga ozi:60-120days
Ịkwụ Ụgwọ Okwu:TT / LC na anya
Tụkwasịnụ Ikike:Nwere ike ahaziri


TPU composite fabric is a kind of composite material formed by TPU cast film composite on various fabrics. Combined with the characteristics of both materials, a new type of fabric is obtained, which is applied to various online composite materials such as clothing and footwear materials, sports and fitness equipment, inflatable toys, etc.




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